YourHealth Northern Beaches Services

    Nutritional Medicine provides a holistic outlook on how nutrition impacts health, the relationship between diet and disease, as well as a focused understanding of how nutritional, dietary and lifestyle factors impact wellbeing through the lifespan.

    Environmental medicine involves studying the interactions between environment and human health, and the role of the environment in causing or mediating disease.

    Lifestyle medicine is the application of environmental, behavioural, medical and motivational principles to the management (including self care and self-management) of lifestyle-related health problems in a clinical and/or public health setting.

    Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the use of hormones that are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones in hormone replacement therapy. BHRT can be used to treat men and women when their hormone levels drop or become unbalanced. It is most frequently used to ease symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

    Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. It is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. It is most often used to attempt pain relief, though it is also recommended by acupuncturists for a wide range of other conditions.

    Our experienced nurses deliver intravenous Vitamin C and other Vitamins, minerals and nutrients specifically formulated for the needs of each individual patient.  Infusions of Iron (Ferinject) are also available.
    Vitamin C may reduce the symptoms and severity of viral infections such as the common cold, flu, glandular fever and shingles.
    Chelation therapy is prescribed to facilitate removal of toxic heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury and Arsenic from the body.

    All treatments must be prescribed only by the doctors at YourHealth as they supervise the treatments in the intravenous clinic.

    Osteopathy takes a holistic, whole-body approach to healthcare. It uses manual 'hands-on' techniques to improve circulation and correct altered biomechanics, without the use of drugs. An osteopathic physician does not concentrate only on the problem area, but uses manual techniques to balance all the body systems, and to provide overall good health and wellbeing.

    The practitioners at YourHealth Northern Beaches may help with a number of medical healthcare conditions including:

    • Chronic tiredness and fatigue
    • Stress, anxiety and depression
    • Cognitive decline, memory impairment and dementia
    • Autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD and Behavioural Disorders
    • Digestive and bowel disorders including IBS, Crohn’s diseases and ulcerative colitis
    • Allergies and food intolerances
    • Nutritional imbalances
    • Environmental  (household & occupational) toxins, including toxic metals such a Mercury and Lead
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Diabetes, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance
    • Thyroid and metabolic disorders
    • Hormonal Imbalances (premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause, male andropause, and fertility issues)
    • Chronic or recurrent infections
    • Skin disorders e.g. eczema, psoriasis and acne