YourHealth Northern Beaches Practice


Our mission at YourHealth is to assist you in optimising your overall health and wellbeing.


About Us


YourHealth Northern Beaches is an innovative medical centre located in Brookvale. The centre was an established practice called Sydney Natural Medical Centre which changed its name to YourHealth in August 2001.

YourHealth Northern Beaches centre offers integrative medicine services with a unique team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners. Integrative medicine is a term used by YourHealth to define the best possible combination of conventional medicine and natural therapies.

Our practitioners start with a holistic diagnosis of your health. Following an in-depth diagnosis, we work out a detailed, individualised treatment programme with you. Treatment can involve changes in your diet and nutrition (biochemistry), environment, physical activity, relationships, work, mental health, and your system of detoxification and repair. 

The mission of YourHealth Northern Beaches is to optimise and give you control of your overall health and wellbeing.