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Information on Nutritional Medicine in Australia - Your Health are located in Australia are a group of alternative / holistic doctors providing Nutritional Medicine therapy in Australia
Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine can be simply defined as the relationship of food to the well-being of the human body. It also encompasses the study of environmental effects on the quality of foods, and the impact of nutritional factors on health and disease. Nutritional medicine uses food, and individual nutrients in doses only achievable in supplement form, for medicinal and therapeutic effects.

How It Works

Nutrients are involved in the creation of every molecule and the maintenance of every system in the body. The body requires more than 45 nutrients to maintain health. Many vitamins and minerals act as coenzymes in promoting essential chemical reactions. They help regulate metabolism, assist in the formation and maintenance of bones and tissues, hormones, nervous system chemicals, and genetic material. Subtle nutrient deficiencies can occur before the onset of frank, classical deficiency. Such marginal deficiencies may ultimately contribute to the development of degenerative diseases. Nutritional medicine aims to optimise nutrition according to individual biochemical, environmental and health states.

  • Digestive Complaints (bloating, indigestion, reflux, nausea, flatulence, IBS, Colitis, Chrohnís disease, Candidiasis)
  • Chronic fatigue, Insomnia
  • Blood sugar imbalance (Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Hypoglycaemia)
  • Cardiovascular disease (High cholesterol, High blood pressure)
  • Infertility, Pre-conceptual care, Pregnancy, Post pregnancy
  • Poor immune function (Frequent colds and Infections)
  • Weight Management (under or overweight, eating disorders)
  • Allergies or Food Sensitivities


A variety of methods are used to evaluate nutritional status. Some of the more common tools used in the clinical evaluation process include a thorough medical history (including family history of disease) dietary analysis (including eating habits and food intake), Lifestyle analysis (including exercise, stress, sleeping patterns). Diagnostic tests may be used including the Bio Impedance Analyser (please look under diagnostic tests for more details of this test), blood pressure, zinc test, hair mineral anlaysis etc. to determine nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, fat and protein imbalances, immune status, blood sugar, kidney, liver and digestive function. This information is evaluated by the practitioner and used to create a diet and lifestyle plan and prescribe supplementation for the individual.


Nutritional advice will be provided by many different practitioners within Your Health. These include naturopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists and doctors. In every case a certain standard of education has to have been achieved. Doctors practicing Nutritional and Environmental Medicine may be members of ACNEM, the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine or AIMA, the Australian Integrative Medical Association.


Ask YourHealth Reception for exact costs when booking.


Nutritional Medicine consultations are not covered under Medicare unless the practitioner is also a medical doctor. Some private health funds cover Nutritional consultations (depending on the level of cover), however each choice of cover carries different yearly limits. Also, you may get more back from your first consultation, with decreasing returns with subsequent visits. Following is a list of contact numbers to check your coverage for this therapy:

  • Axa (131243)
  • Grand United (1800 800 245)
  • Government Employees (1300 366 868)
  • HCF (131334)
  • Manchester Unity (131372)
  • MBF (132623)
  • Medibank Private (132331)
  • NIB (131463)
  • Teachers Health Fund (1300 728 188)



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