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Information on Homoeopathy in Australia - Your Health are located in Australia are a group of alternative / holistic doctors providing Homoeopathy therapy in Australia

As with Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine, homeopathy rests on the foundation that a vital force, or life energy, exists within each organism and is the source of health. Illness is a disruption of this energy and is a combination of physical, mental, and emotional factors in each patient. External symptoms associated with a condition or illness are the body's attempt to heal itself and homeopathic remedies work to induce this self-healing process.

Samuel Hahnemann, (1755-1843), a German physician and chemist, discovered the homeopathic principle of "like ... cures like." According to this Law of Similars, remedies derived from certain plants, animals, and minerals can cause a set of symptoms in healthy people. Conversely, in extremely minute doses, these same substances can cure the corresponding symptoms in sick people. A second important homeopathic principle is that high dilutions of a substance (known as potencies) produce therapeutic effects that imitate the body's self-healing mechanisms. These effects occur even when there are no remaining molecules of the initial substance. Remedies are prepared by successive dilution of the starting substance to minimise side effects whilst maintaining their medicinal properties. This substance is diluted in alcohol or pulverized and diluted with lactose. These preparations are then further diluted to potencies of 1 in 10 (noted as "X") or 1 in 100 (noted as "C"). Successive rounds of dilution yield potencies of 2X, 3X, 4X… or 2C, 3C, 4C … up to 50,000C (noted as 50M).

How It Works

Despite its effectiveness, the homeopathic mechanism of action is not clearly understood. Some quantum scientists believe that the electromagnetic energy in the homeopathic medicines interacts with the body in some manner. Researchers have hypothesized a "memory of water" theory, which holds that the process of diluting the remedies in water or alcohol causes a permanent change in the structure of the solution even after the medicine dissolves. The principle of Similars is not as controversial as the high-dilution principle. It is, in fact, well accepted in certain areas of conventional medicine (eg. Vaccination).


Homeopathy may be useful as a therapy for disorders that do not respond well to conventional treatment. These may include; allergies (especially hayfever and sinusitis), depression and neuroses, digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, headache and migraine, influenza and other viral illnesses, insomnia, middle ear infections, multiple sclerosis, pain, rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis, and traumatic injury (sprains, bruises, hematomas and surgery complications). Homeopathy may also be useful during pregnancy, when many pharmaceuticals are contraindicated, and for patients who are sensitive to, or who refuse to take, conventional medications.


The homoeopathic procedure involves an extensive interview to gather complete information about your physical, mental, and emotional condition. The initial visit also includes a physical examination and diagnostic tests, if needed. The practitioner then prioritises your reported symptoms and makes a treatment recommendation. The homeopathic remedy will generally be prescribed in fluids or lactose tablets, in different levels of potencies.


  • Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy, from Australian Universities
  • Diploma of Naturopathy, from private colleges
  • Diploma of Homoeopathy, from private colleges

Ask YourHealth Reception for exact costs when booking.


Homoeopathy consultations are not covered under Medicare unless the practitioner is also a medical doctor. Some private health funds cover Homoeopathic consultations (depending on the level of cover), however each choice of cover carries different yearly limits. Also, you may get more back from your first consultation, with decreasing returns with subsequent visits. Contact your fund for more information. Approximate rebates are outlined in the list below please note– this is only a guide.

The following funds cover Homoeopathy under Naturopathy or Alternative therapies:

  • Axa (131243) - $24/visit
  • Grand United (1800 800 245) - 70-80% of visit cost up to $16-25/visit
  • Government Employees (1300 366 868) - $21-28/visit
  • HCF (131334) -$15/visit
  • Manchester Unity (131372) - $10-28/visit
  • MBF (132623) - $21-30/visit
  • Medibank Private (132331) - 100% of visit cost if Medibank-approved practitioner, 60% of visit cost if Non- approved practitioner. Limits apply.
  • NIB (131463) - $11-19/visit
  • Teachers Health Fund (1300 728 188) - $29/visit


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