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Environmental Medicine

Environmental medicine was developed from early twentieth century research into allergies and sensitivities, and has evolved into a system of medicine that recognizes the impact of environmental factors on health and illness. Many disorders may be caused by environmental pollution, including certain foods, pollen, dust, moulds, exhaust fumes, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals. Unfiltered water, air and a highly processed diet exposes us to hundreds of synthetic chemicals daily. These include:

  • Pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on vegetables and fruit
  • Residues of drugs fed to animals prior to slaughter e.g. antibiotics and synthetic hormones
  • Preservatives, colourings, additives and chemicals in processed foods
  • Heavy metals in our waterways that affect fish, seafood and drinking water
How It Works

True allergies, like asthma, are already strongly linked to environmental factors such as air pollution, however there is a growing body of disorders that are linked to toxicity issues. Environmental medicine works by identifying the problem chemicals through various testing procedures, minimising exposure to the identified culprit, improving the patient's nutrition, digestion, detoxification and immunity.


Conditions that may benefit from treatment are many, however the most indicated are chronic, allergic, inflammatory and immune system conditions. Arthritis, skin disease, chronic fatigue, cancer, nervous diseases including headaches, ADD and senile dementia have been linked to environmental toxicity.


A thorough health assessment will be done, including a full history taking into account environmental, genetic and emotional stresses, dietary analysis and physical examination. Tests requested may include hair tissue mineral analysis, food and chemical sensitivity testing, skin prick, sublingual drop and other allergy or intolerance tests. A special diet, possibly an elimination or hypoallergenic diet, will be prescribed along with various nutritional supplements aimed at improving digestive function, immunity and detoxification and reducing allergic and inflammatory responses. Neutralisation remedies (phenolic or homoeopathic drops) may also be utilised. Sometimes, you may be referred to other practitioners for herbal medicine, acupuncture, traditional or Chinese medicine or chelation therapy.


Environmental medicine is practiced by doctors who have undertaken special postgraduate study in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. These doctors may be accredited by ACNEM, the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, and/or AIMA, the Australian Integrative Medicine Association.


Ask YourHealth Reception for exact costs when booking.


Environmental medicine consultations are covered under Medicare since the practitioner is also a medical doctor, however the fee may differ from the scheduled fee. Please ask YourHealth reception for more details when booking.



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