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Heavy Metal and Toxicity Testing: Alternative Doctors in Australia: Your Health
Heavy Metal and Toxicity Testing
How It Works

To determine our exposure and tissue levels of toxic metals hair and/or blood and/or urine may be tested. Each sample (hair, blood, or urine) offers a unique vantage point for assessing element status in the body. Hair tissue mineral analysis provides a convenient and accurate measure of both long and short-term toxic exposure and nutrient deficiencies. The test includes measures of pervasive and potentially damaging toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium, along with crucial mineral nutrients like zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Test reports come with a unique index that clearly displays the likelihood of external contamination for each element, placing results into their proper perspective and ensuring the highest degree of accuracy. The hair tissue mineral analysis results may indicate a need for further investigation or treatment. For example, a urine challenge will help to confirm a heavy metal toxicity problem and guide Chelation Therapy treatments.


Chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity (ADD), "foggy" brain, stress, thyroid problems, infertility (male and female) and many other health conditions may be linked to heavy metal toxicity. YourHealth practitioners may ask you to do this test if your condition indicates a need.


A hair sample taken from the back or nape of the head is required for the hair tissue mineral analysis. For the urine challenge you will receive a challenge tablet or injection by the clinic nurse, followed by a urine test. Your practitioner will give full instructions for each test at the consultation.

The hair tissue mineral analysis does not require a request from a doctor, however the blood and urine tests do.

Please ask YourHealth reception when booking, or ask your healthcare practitioner at your next appointment.

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