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Biochemical Assessments: Alternative Doctors in Australia: Your Health
Biochemical Assessments
How It Works

Biochemistry is the study of body chemistry that feeds the physiology or function of every cell, organ and system. Ill health and disease carry an underlying disruption or imbalance in this biochemistry. If these imbalances can be determined and corrected then healthy function will be able to return. Biochemical testing can also uncover nutritional deficiencies as they affect the cells and tissues. Biochemical assessments provided through YourHealth practitioners include the amino acid profile, fatty acid profile, trace element and mineral analysis and antioxidant assessment. Your practitioner will determine the best assessment for you and your health concerns and will give you more detailed information than can be given in here.


All people with chronic, debilitating illnesses would benefit from these types of investigations since the results can to help to understand the underlying imbalances and individualise or modify treatment. People with cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease and malabsorption conditions may particularly benefit.

These tests are also suitable for optimising health and nutrient intake.


Each test requires a different procedure. You may be asked to provide blood, saliva or urine for analysis. You will be given detailed instructions from your practitioner.


No, these tests do not require a referral, however if requested by your doctor you may be able to claim some Medicare rebate. Please ask your practitioner or reception.


Please ask YourHealth reception when booking, or ask your healthcare practitioner at your next appointment

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