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Nutritional imbalances
Standard Definition

From the moment we are conceived we are dependent upon optimum provision of good nutrition. Initially in the womb from the mother, from mother's breast milk and then from the food we eat.

The statement ?We are what we eat? is in many respects true. The amount, type and quality of the food we eat all play a major role in determining our health and well-being.

We all need daily optimum amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrate, together with vitamins and minerals, accessory nutrients and water to maintain health and wellbeing. Excesses or deficiencies of any of the nutrients can lead to nutrient imbalances, which can affect cell and organ function, and over time be detrimental to health thereby leading to poor mental and physical functioning and progressing eventually to disease.

Possible Additional Integrative Medicine Diagnostic Tests

To help ascertain any nutrient imbalances you may be asked to undergo a clinical evaluation, complete a food diary and tests for nutrient levels.


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