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Alternative and natural treatment for Endometriosis in Australia - Your Health are located in Australia are a group of alternative / holistic doctors providing natural, holistic treatment for Endometriosis in Australia.
Standard Definition
Endometriosis is defined as the presence of endometrial tissue outside its normal location in the uterus. The most common locations of the lesions are; ovaries, fallopian tubes, pelvic ligaments, bladder, between the vagina and rectum, outside the uterus. The disease varies widely, with diagnosis ranging from mild to severe. The diagnosis can only be confirmed by direct visualization during laparoscopy.
Underlying Disruption in Function

While the cause of endometriosis remains uncertain, retrograde menstruation, genetic predisposition, immune system involvement, and hormonal imbalance are widely accepted theories. Excessive inflammation is also present, which can lead to scarring, adhesions and pain. Traditional Chinese Medicine views endometriosis as a disease of blood stasis or congestion and aims to affect this with acupuncture and herbs. Providing liver support is essential in the treatment of endometriosis to ensure effective hormonal metabolism. Relative progesterone deficiency is also common, and remedies aiming to increase this hormone appear to improve symptoms and fertility. Because endometrial lesions respond to hormones, conventional medical treatment aims at suppressing oestrogen production to stop menstruation and promote the shrinking of the tissue.

Possible Causes, Triggers & Exacerbating Factors
  • Heredity
  • Retrograde menstrual flow
  • Hormonal imbalance, with excessive oestrogen
  • Exposure to DDT and other synthetic oestrogen chemicals
  • Immune system imbalance and excessive inflammation
Common Signs & Symptoms
  • Up to 30% of women may have no symptoms. Pelvic pain – often described as dull, burning, stabbing, or grinding. Pain may be associated with nausea and episodes of diarrhoea. Pain often begins well before menstruation and continues into the period.
  • Pain during sex
  • Pain with bowel or bladder emptying
  • Infertility (infertility affects 40% of women with endometriosis)
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Fatigue, irritability, depression, insomnia, and despair
Possible Additional Integrative Medicine Diagnostic Tests

This is additional information that does not replace nor negate conventional diagnosis. Other tests may be useful depending on the individual circumstance.

  • Hormone tests
  • Biochemical assessments
Links & Other Information

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