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Cellular Health

Cellular Vitality - What is it?
The YourHealth Cellular Vitality Assessment (CVA) is an investment in your future. Genetics and lifestyle play an important part in your overall health and well being. Lifestyle research has determined that lifestyle changes, particularly proper nutrition and adequate exercise, may reverse the ageing process. Essentially, ageing is the accelerated breakdown and decelerated repair of body cells and tissue. Accelerated ageing can lead to chronic disease; therefore, it is vital to undertake measures to decrease cell breakdown and increase cell growth as a way of slowing the ageing process. Changing patterns and habits before they become debilitating to your health will secure your vitality and longevity.
Biomarkers - key indicators of ageing
The CVA uses measurable and objective biomarkers to assess your body composition, which are an important factor in determining your cellular and nutritional status. Biomarkers are key physiological indicators of ageing and include: 1. Body Fat Mass 2. Active Tissue Mass (muscle mass) 3. Cellular Toxicity 4. Intra and Extra Cellular Fluid Ratios 5. Cellular Vitality 6. BIOLOGICAL AGE
How does it work?

Your cellular health and vitality is measured using a Bio-Impedance Analyser (BIA). The BIA uses bio-electric analysis to conduct a convenient, cost effective measurement of your body's electro-conductive properties and is a preventative tool that can bring imbalances in your body composition to your attention Each living organism consists of both intra and extra cellular fluids that behave as electrical conductors as well as cell membranes that behave as electrical condensers. The application of a low level alternating current will reflect the health of the cell and therefore the body through its ability to resist and react with this current. The combination of your initial biomarker assessment coupled with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle program will target specific problem areas highlighted by the CVA. Close monitoring of your individual results and reassessment will ensure you are well informed as you take an active role in the control of your health and well being.

Appointment and Cost

The CVA is performed on-site by the YourHealth Clinical Nutritionist and takes approximately 10 minutes per individual. The fee for each individual is $30.00+GST. This service is available at our centre in Edgecliff Ph 02 9328 1066



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