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Cardio Risk Reduction Programme: Alternative Doctors in Australia: Your Health

Cardio Risk Reduction

Programme Description
This program begins with a full 'Cardiovascular Risk Assessment'. This information allows you and your healthcare practitioner to accurately address abnormalities relating to heart and vascular diseases. The results of this assessment will help individualise the program content and ensure that it is a comprehensive, integrative approach. A detailed recommendation for your individualised health and risk reduction program will be provided together with advice about diet, lifestyle and exercise changes and nutritional and herbal medicine supplementation. If indicated, you may require further treatment such as medication or Chelation Therapy. You will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that your cardiovascular risk is reduced and the benefit of the program extends into the long term.
Duration Of Programme
Two initial appointments will be required to do the Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and begin the detailed program. Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and associated events such as heart attack requires a life-long approach, however this program is designed to achieve both short and long-term results. These goals, and the time required to achieve them, will be discussed with your practitioner on an individual basis.
Success And Results
Cardiovascular disease is a chronic disease, and is a result of many factors. The changes in body function may start quite early in life without initially producing any symptoms. These factors need to be addressed effectively by both patient and practitioner to ensure success. There is growing, solid evidence that supports exercise, lifestyle, weight management, nutritional and herbal modification of cardiovascular risk. For example, achieving a normal weight and engaging in a regular exercise program can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. Also, taking vitamin E or other antioxidants can dramatically reduce the risk of having a heart attack.
Do I Need A Referral?

You may directly book for this program with reception at your closest centre.

You may be asked to bring in results of any tests already conducted. If these have been done through YourHealth Manly, they will be automatically available for use in the program. Please ask YourHealth Reception for more details.


Ask YourHealth reception for exact costs when booking.

Medicare And Private Health Fund Cover

The consultations conducted by a medical doctor are covered under Medicare, however more than the Medicare scheduled fee may be charged. Consultations conducted by a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist or Dentist may be covered under Private Health Insurance. Nutritional and herbal remedies and Integrative Medicine treatments such as chelation are not covered. Please ask YourHealth reception for more details when booking.



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