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Alternative medicine in Australia - Your Health are located in Australia are a group of alternative / holistic doctors. They are the leaders in integrative medicine providing the optimal blend of natural / alternative medicine and tradition medical treatment. Your Health are a team of alternative doctors and practitioners of holistic, natural medicine in Australia. Providing alternative natural treatments in Australia Natural herbal treatment information for a range of illnesses and disorders. Herb Library - Information on natural medicine and herbs Useful Alternative and Natural Medicine Resources in Australia Contact Your Health - Doctors in Australia providing natural and alternative medicine treatment.
Isabel Peace is an alternative medicine practioner in , Australia. Isabel Peace is an alernative / holistic doctor at Your Health. Providing a wide range of natural medicine therapy and holistic / alternative medicine treatments.
Isabel Peace
Isabel has a passion for studying and learning new and cutting edge techniques and technologies and utilize her latest discoveries and tools in her chosen field.

Isabel started on the path to health and complementary medicine in her early 20’s firstly as triathlete, fitness instructor and personal trainer. She studied Shiatsu and Nutrition at Nature Care College before discovering the value of Chinese medicine in diagnostics and treatment for a variety of health conditions and went on to pursue her studies for 6 years, completing a Bachelor and Master degree in Sydney and two internships at two integrative hospitals in China.

In 2014, Isabel expanded her views of medicine by studying with world renowned leaders in the field of quantum medicine and quantum physics at Quantum University in Hawaii.

Since then she has been integrating mind-body medicine into her practice and moved into the area of clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy to gain skills to help patients discover the reason behind their problems and help them change their choices, behavior and perception .

Isabel works holistically, using a variety of tools and skills to address physiology, psycho-emotional and spiritual health.



• Acupuncture
• Chinese Herbal Medicine
• Brain Tap Sessions (with or without acupuncture)
• HeartMath Interventions
• Heart Rate Variability Test
Special Interests
• Growth and transformation
• Management of stress
• Anxiety and depression
• Natural foods and diet
• Weight management
• Hormonal balance
• Fertility
• Healthy skin
• Pain managemen

• Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences, Quantum University, Hawaii
• Currently undertaking Certificate of HeartMath Interventions Program, HeartMath Institute
• Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Australian College of Hypnotherapy, ACH (currently studying)
• Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, ACH
• Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of Western Sydney
• Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of Technology Sydney
• Diploma of Shiatsu
• Advanced Certificate in Chinese medicine, China
• 3 Advanced Certificates in Nutrition, Nature Care College

• Australian Traditional Medicine Society
• Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
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