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Information on Astragalus including the benefits and uses of using Astragalus. Your Health are located in Australia are a group of alternative / holistic doctors and use Astragalus as part of a holistic approach to health.
Botanical name

Astragalus membranaceus


The root of Astragalus has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years as a tonic or 'adaptogen'. It has also been shown to:

  • Increase endurance, stamina and resistance to infection
  • Enhance immune function - via stimulation of monocytes and macrophages, T-cell activity, and interferon production. It also raises white blood cell counts in cases of chronic leukopaenia.
  • Exhibit antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity
  • Lower blood pressure, enhance heart function, protect heart muscle from oxidant damage
  • Restore immune activity in cases of compromised immune status associated with cancer chemotherapy or radiation treatment, speeding recovery and extending life expectancy.
  • Increase sperm motility and male fertility
  • Increase diuresis
  • Protect the liver from damage
Conditions commonly used for
  • Infections - colds and flu, recurrent or persistent infections, recurrent respiratory infections, chronic hepatitis, viral infections, glandular fever
  • Healing - wound healing, chronic fatigue syndrome, post-viral syndrome, stomach ulcers
  • Fatigue and poor stamina - shortness of breath, night sweats, anaemia, multiple allergies
  • Stress support - athletic performance, stress related fatigue and immuno-suppression
  • Heart disease, angina, high blood pressure
  • Cancer - fatigue or lack of appetite in chemotherapy patients, to reduce the side-effects and improve outcome from radio and chemotherapy
Common dosage range

The commonly utilised dosage range for Astragalus is equivalent to 3 to 6 g of dried root per day, as a decoction, tablet, capsule or fluid extract.

Cautions, Contraindications and Side Effects

Astragalus is generally regarded as safe and well tolerated.
Generally contraindicated for use during a fever and for infants. Do not administer to a child with a fever.

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